Monday, October 8, 2012

Link: Add some (temporary) personality to a rental unit wall

That rental unit white wall color does an amazing job of making your home look kind of bland. But unfortunately most people with an apartment, rented condo, or dorm aren't able to change out the ubiquitous white with anything permanent.

Thankfully, there's some great options out there now for temporary wall coverings that look great but also peel off the walls easily (and without damaging the boring paint underneath. Check out this article on Apartment Therapy for 10 sources for your new best friend: removable wallpaper.

I'm personally rather keen on this Trellis Pattern from Swag Paper:

*Happy people drinking coffee not included
And for some reason this cartoony mountain range option from Blik has really grown on me:

It's so easy to put up even Bruce Willis here can do it!


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