Friday, July 8, 2011


I just read this blog posting on finding clothes that fit and tailoring and thought it immediately needed to be shared.

I think most people, and especially most women, know the depression and anxiety that can come along with trying to find off-the-rack clothing that actually fits in a flattering way. Even if you have a clearly defined sense of style and cuts that look best on your body type, it's still incredibly easy to walk into a change room with dozens of things to try on and still end up trying outfit after outfit that looks horrific.

I'm not going to lie... I personally find the whole trying on clothes experience completely stressful. It's not to say I don't enjoy shopping (clearly I do), but I don't have the easiest body type to work with (yeah being a pear-shape *smirk*) and sizing and cuts at stores are just insane. When I compare the way I look in a piece of clothing to the way a model in an ad or a celebrity wearing the same piece, I usually come up looking completely sub-standard in comparison.

That blog post, though, reminds me of the important fact that at least a direct comparison doesn't make any sense. These people don't just look better because they're skinnier/taller/more-evenly-proportioned (which they are, but whatever); they look better also because every single thing they wear is tailored for their body, and that kind of tweaking can make a world of difference.

I can't afford to alter everything I own, but at least I can remind myself of that blog posting every time I try something on and start to beat myself up over that fact that nothing seems to fit me quite right.